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     Shay Ramirez is a Colorado native, growing up on the western slope in Durango. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2006 after spending 5 years living in New Mexico. She has worked for the past 5 and a half years at memorial hospital managing a large federal grant. Currently, Shay is taking classes at Pikes Peak Community College in preparation to apply for the nursing program. When she isn’t working or doing homework, she is either reading or meeting Elisabeth at an ungodly hour to work out (or at least get some good laughs in!)

     Her interest in the Haiti Village Project is born out of a love of the Haitian culture which has been an interest since she took classes on African history and African literature in college. While she has not travelled to Haiti, it has been a desire for many years. She is honored to be a part of such uplifting work. 

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