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Cooperative Structure

1.  In the organization, we are all brothers and sisters.

2.  In the organization, the strong must protect the weak.

3. Every first Sunday of the month, all of the members meet to discuss the future of ODER.

4.  Borrowed funds must be used to support the needs of the family.

5.   The money you spend should fit your budget. 


6.  If the guidelines are not respected, you cannot get another loan.


7.  Funds should be used in a way that the life of the family is improved.  


    This steering committee hears the concerns of the wider cooperative. Together they set guidelines for the loan program and other work, including the application process, repayment structure and methods for accountability. 

     The cooperative addresses local issues as well. They were the primary conduit with local government for relief after the hurricane, and continue to work on recovery with the community.  

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