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I was reading policy guidelines for nonprofits and was reminded about the conflict between the real world versus the world parsed by intellectual exercise and the human will to make everything comprehensible and measurable. It was an article about conflict of interest and making sure that every possible area where the personal mixes with the institutional is uncovered and either thrown out or examined as in a trial. Like a crime. I think about the work in Haiti and it would never have happened, never have continued, without the personal. 

It's true that my relationships in Haiti have been predicated on the work that we want to do together. But the friendship that has grown from that work is what's kept the work alive.

The thing that's kept us going is the will to understand each other. That's a friendship thing.     

March 22, 2020

Living in a world infected by Coronavirus, in some ways we've arrived at a place closer to Haiti, where uncertainty and fear are part of everyday life, and where the vulnerable are at a high risk of dying                                                                                                                                                                                               

Small Title

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