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Stand For Good 

Stand with Haitian people left behind in the current chaos of political upheaval, gang violence, and earthquake aftermath. Stand with us on programming directly connected to people at the local level. 

The Haiti Village Project

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We exist to help a specific village in Southern Haiti called Wozye.  Together with village leaders, we work to support economic security and health in the area.  Our current endeavor provides support by financing microloans to women for their small businesses.

Give a little.  Make a huge impact. 100% of your donation goes to Haiti!

Consider starting a Facebook fundraiser, host a HVP garage sale, volunteer to wrap gifts during the holidays, or volunteer your time to support the Wozye community.

Equip Haitians in Wozye with tools and opportunities to enhance their livelihoods and the Wozye community.

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